I Love Lucy's Chocolate Factory Scene is Gut-Busting Hilarious

Whenever I was stuck at home with a cold as a kid, I would always love to cuddle on the couch with my mom and watch reruns of I Love Lucy on TV Land. Most of the time it was episodes I had never seen before, but sometimes I would get lucky and my favorite episode, "Job Switching" would pop up. Starring Lucille Ball, Vivian Vance, Desi Arnaz, and William Frawley, the I Love Lucy chocolate factory is one of the funniest episodes produced by a tv show in my opinion.

I Love Lucy Job Switching (Candy Factory) Episode #36

Infuriated that Lucy has been overspending, Ricky suggests that Lucy would feel differently about money if she "brought home the bacon." So with Ethel's support, the girls stop in at the Acme Employment Agency, where Mr. Snodgrass places them as candy makers at Kramer's Kandy Kitchen.

The factory foreman assigns Lucy to the candy-dipping section where she gets in a chocolate fight with a co-worker. Ethel doesn't do too hot in the boxing room, and the two best friends are transferred to the wrapping room assembly line where their task is to wrap every chocolate candy as it goes by on a conveyor belt The conveyor belt speeds up, forcing Lucy and Ethel to eat the candies and stuff it in their hats and blouses.

At home, Fred and Ricky are stuck with the housework and it isn't going too well. Ricky can't figure out the ironing and Fred bakes a 7-layer cake which turns out to look like pancakes. As a peace offering, the men buy chocolates for the wives, but you can imagine their faces when they saw the chocolate. The couples agree to finally call the "switch".

This I Love Lucy's Chocolate Factory Episode one of Lucille Ball's Favorites.

According to Mental Floss, the candy dipper in the episode was a real candy dipper a stagehand found at See's Candies on Santa Monica Boulevard. Amanda Milligan had never seen an I Love Lucy episode and was hesitant to hit Lucy as the script specified when they rehearsed. But when the cameras started rolling Amanda hit Lucy so hard she thought she broke her nose.

Today the sitcom still stands as an absolute classic and be streamed on Amazon Prime and Hulu.