This Hydros Water Pitcher Is the Perfect Work-From-Home Companion

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Staying hydrated is the key to lots of health benefits — like glowing skin, a healthy gut, and even increased energy levels. While my water intake hasn't been the best in the past, I've been drinking my recommended amount for a while. So now I'm obsessed with buying water bottles and testing new water filtration filters — and I've also become a huge fan of self-cleaning bottles, Brita pitchers, and now Hydros water pitchers. I recently tested their slim water pitcher and water bottle, and they make great additions to my "hydration station." I chose the slim water filter pitcher for a few reasons: I already have a bulky Brita water dispenser pitcher in the fridge, and I've seen a few women on TikTok with cute carafe setups in their home offices for easy access to water. I wanted to try that for myself.

Now, I keep both products by my desk most days, and it's super convenient to fill up my water from my desk. As lazy as it sounds, the trek to the kitchen can be a bit too much when you're caught up with work. Another reason I tried Hydros: I wanted a second drinking water dispenser for my fruit-infused water. Plain ol' water is the way to go, but sometimes after tasting water all day every day, I need some extra flavoring on my tastebuds to avoid my soda or iced coffee cravings. My go-to fruits are usually strawberries or cantaloupe.

Hydros Water Bottle, 200z  - Hydros, $20.00

What's Special About Hydros?

Hydros sells slim pitchers, glass pitchers, large pitchers, and bottles. They claim their filters get rid of over 90% of chlorine, reduce sediments, and does all of that five times faster than the competition. Keep in mind that these are not intended to purify water, so look into other options if you're traveling abroad and want to reduce your chances of a waterborne illness. What's additionally unique about Hydros replacement filters is that they are compatible with all of their products (no more buying different filters for your pitchers and water bottles), and they're made from 100% coconut shell carbon in BPA-free plastic - which is safe for us and the environment. You can snag six Hydros filters for under $40. The slim pitcher fits in smaller fridges, so this can be great for dorms, offices, or right on your desk at home. The bottle filters in 20 seconds, making it a perfect choice to take with you anywhere.

hydros water pitcher

Allison Johnson

Hydros Water Filter Slim Pitcher, 40oz - Hydros, $24.00

What I Loved — And What I Didn't

Again, I tried both the pitcher and the water bottle. Most importantly, the Hydros filtration system is really very quick! The water filter system turned my tap water into clean drinking water in about a minute — and because refills can get tedious, I'm a big fan of this feature. Also, sustainability is important to me, so I love the eco-friendly filters. I also loved the design: It looks so modern and polished, and it's one of the nicest water filter pitchers I've seen. It's also easy to clean with mild soap and water. Where Brita has the Hydros water filter beat is the flip-top open. While Hydros is still simple to open, I prefer the Brita top.

While the slim pitcher is great, the water bottle gets a perfect score from me. The Rocker Cap lets you flip it open or closed with one hand. As someone who primarily judges bottles on how easy they are to clean, how cold they keep water, and if they will leak — the bottle is great for all three. It kept my water cold for about three hours (perfect for errands, so not all-day use) and didn't leak once. Also, it's super easy to clean with a dish scrubber like this one, and comes in four colors.

If you want a modern carafe or water bottle for your home — find them in stock on Hydros. I loved them and would recommend them. You can even get it in a bundle here — with a pitcher, a water bottle, and an insert to infuse your pitcher.

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