Hungry? Here's What $5 Gets You Around the World

You know that excited feeling you get when you randomly reach into you pocket and discover that long-lost $5 bill? Well, hold onto your hat because five dollars just got a whole lot more exciting when you realize what Lincoln's portrait can buy you in different countries.

Buzzfeed investigated how much food a five-dollar bill will get you on different parts of planet Earth. They based their measurements on eight basic food categories and compared the quantity that $5 could get you around the world. What they discovered may surprise you.

In China you can purchase 11 beers while in its neighboring country, Japan, you can only buy one. Sadly, China leads the pack in beer purchasing power. Most countries have similar results to Japan, except the US where you can buy a whopping 4 PBRs for $5.

If you really aren't a beer drinker or you just prefer something more basic like rice, make sure you're living in Afghanistan where you can buy 14 pounds with your fiver.

However, if you're curious what five bucks can get you when you're on the run and just need a quick bite to eat, you'll want to think carefully. That dollar menu can be a deal here in the US, but in Sweden, $5 is only going to buy you 2/3 of that Big Mac.

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