Hundreds Attend Hometown Candlelight Vigil for Joey Feek

Friends and family of Joey and Rory's Joey Feek joined together for a candlelight vigil in her home town of Alexandria, IN on Thursday.

Earlier this week, the Feek family announced that intensive treatment for Joey's Stage IV cervical cancer had not been working. They chose to cease all treatments and return to their home in Columbia, TN, and asked the public for their prayers in that a miracle would help save Feek's life.

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Soon after, Rory Feek posted a plea for fans and friends across the country to join in for a special moment of prayer for his wife. On the evening of Nov 5., hundreds gathered on the streets of downtown Alexandria to say a prayer and to share stories of their beloved native.

"She'd sit around the campfire and she'd sing songs for us... and just a precious girl, just wonderful," June Miller, Joey's childhood babysitter said at the vigil. "Joey, we love you, we think about you. We pray for you every night, and God does work miracles."

Local restaurant owner Terry Clegg showed his support for Feek with a special message on the marquee of his  local resturant. "My wife went to school with Joey and everyone in town really knows everybody," Clegg explained. "We're a close knit community and we're all coming together for the family."


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Hundreds Attend Hometown Candlelight Vigil for Joey Feek