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How to Spot a Die-Hard Classic Country Fan


Classic country fans are a die-hard crowd. The lovable bunch may get defensive about newer country music, but it's only because they don't want you to forget about the classics. Stuck in the past, you say? No way. They just know what they like and stick to it. Here are 10 ways to spot a die-hard classic country fan.

They Have a "God Bless Johnny Cash" Sticker... and Shirt... and Poster


The "God Bless Johnny Cash" bumper sticker is pretty dang famous. So famous, in fact, that it's easily made its way to shirts, posters, mugs. Heck, just about everything.

They Have a Pet Named "Trigger"

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And it's not because that's the name of Josh Abbott's beagle (but still, case in point). Maybe it's not even a pet. But they probably named something after Willie Nelson's infamous guitar. Could be their car. Or their rifle. Maybe their favorite coffee mug. Heck, it could even actually be a guitar. But in all honesty, "Trigger" is a pretty good name for a pet, too.

Their jeans still look like they're stuck in 1982

Hey, if they're comfy, they're comfy. Some people call them "mom jeans." Some people call them "dad jeans." But they know they're really called the Kenny Rogers Blue Slim Fit Classic Stone Wash. Because that's a real thing that exists. Which they own. Not to scare anybody, but the 1980s are dangerously close to being FORTY YEARS AGO.


4. Their Spotify "Discover Weekly" playlist features mostly re-releases and remastered Hank Williams songs


Every week, the popular streaming app creates a list of songs they think you'll like based on what you normally play. And it's struggling to find anything other than re-releases and remastered tunes of old classic country songs. Which, for the audio fanatic, is actually pretty exciting. Every now and then they may even get a previously unreleased live version. Score! Oh, and don't even get them started on how excited they were when they found the whole unreleased Johnny Cash album Out Among The Stars.

5. They watch Pure Country at least once a year


Sure, the early 1990s is close to the cutoff for classic country, but when it comes to King George, anything he does becomes an instant classic. Some people have to watch It's A Wonderful Life every year. Or Shawshank Redemption. But not them. It's "Heartland" and "I Cross My Heart" or it's silence.

6. They've begged you to let them take the riding mower to the liquor store

Or at the very least you could take their picture while they drive it down the street! Hey, if a riding mower is the only thing George Jones needed to whet his whistle, it should work for you, too.

7. They honest to God cannot hum You a single Luke Bryan song

Luke Bryan The Voice

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It's not even a joke. They really can't do it. But surely they've heard that one about shaking it like a bumble bee or something? Nope. It's not even a mean thing. They just earnestly can't recall a single time they knowingly heard a Luke Bryan song.

8. They own a Manuel jacket


Ok, that's not really fair, cause those things cost thousands of dollars. But hey, a small price to pay to wear clothes made by the man who made Johnny Cash "The Man In Black" and dressed all four generations of Hank Williams'. And that's just a small taste of the people he's made rhinestone-studded clothes for. The least they could do is own a t-shirt. But if not, you're welcome for the gift idea.

9. They own An "Old Farts And Jackasses" t-shirt

A few years back, Blake Shelton was feeling a little defensive. You see, people were starting to give him (and a bunch of other artists) a hard time for name-checking country artists while releasing music that seemed to, well...you were around when bro country was 90% of country radio. You know. So he called those folks "old farts and jackasses." And naturally, somebody made it into a t-shirt (and Willie Nelson named a tour after it). Bravo, all around.

10. They make you sing "Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man" every time you go to karaoke



And they absolutely *nail* it.

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