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How to Pristinely Grill Your Turkey This Holiday Season

Are you looking for a way to spice up the main dish of your holiday this year? Have you tasted the glorious flavor that occurs when you grill your turkey?

I’ve learned so much since moving to Texas, but one of the best discoveries so far is that I can use my grill all year long. I’ve waved goodbye to snow-covered Colorado Thanksgivings and traded them in for holidays where essentially all of my meats can have the smoky flavor I once dreamed about only during the spring and summer.

This handy Fix infographic will actually help you master the process so you can save your oven for all the delicious side dishes, like creamy mashed potatoes and bubbly sweet potatoes while you grill your turkey instead.

It gracefully covers everything beginning with how to prep the turkey with a delicious and simple rub. A word to the wise: be sure not to skimp on those two tablespoons of salt even though it may seem generous. The other flavors will only be accentuated more with it included, and the bird won’t taste like it’s missing something.


So you know how to grill your turkey. Now all you have to do is convince your family not to show up so you can have this beautiful bird all to yourself. That might be kind of difficult though, with that delicious smell wafting through your neighborhood.

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How to Pristinely Grill Your Turkey This Holiday Season