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These Simple Tricks Will Help You Pick the Best Watermelon

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There's nothing better than a juicy, sweet watermelon in the summertime, but how do you pick the best one? There are several tricks and tips to picking out the ripest and most delicious watermelon at the store. Thanks to Fifteen Spatulas, you'll be sure to never pick a bad watermelon again.

Think a bright green watermelon is the most perfect? You would be wrong. Pick the watermelon that looks more dull because a shiny skin means that it's not yet ripe. Also on the outer rind, look for a yellow spot which indicated where it was resting on the ground. If the spot is darker, it's more ripe. If the spot is white, that means it hasn't been on the vine long enough.

Weight also matters! The heavier the melon, the juicier it will be. A watermelon that's heavier than the others means that there's more water inside. Also keep an eye out for bumps and irregularities because that could mean uneven ripeness and quality inside.

Also, make sure you give your watermelon a little knock. If it's too soft, it's not ripe enough yet. You want it to be firm on the outside with a hard thud sound. You don't want a dull or deep sound when you tap on it.

So, there you have it! Enjoy your sweet and perfectly ripened watermelons this summer.

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These Simple Tricks Will Help You Pick the Best Watermelon