These 5 Tricks Will Help You Pick the Best Watermelon this Summer

Ahh watermelon. You're either a watermelon lover or hater, but there's no doubt that it's one of summers best fruits. It's sweet, refreshing, and totally barbecue and picnic worthy. You have probably already picked up your first watermelon of the season at the grocery store or farmer's market or maybe you're growing it in your own garden this year. Whatever way you choose to get your hands on a delicious watermelon, sometimes it can be hard to tell if it's actually going to be delicious.

Have you ever sliced into a watermelon and the fruit was sour tasting and firm rather than sweet and juicy? I know I have and it's really disappointing, especially when you're craving a slice of watermelon where the juices just drip down your hands.

I mean, it is difficult to determine whether or not you've picked out a perfect watermelon since the fruit is covered by a thick, green rind. Well, on the bright side, you don't have to guess anymore and you don't have to be an experienced farmer to figure out if you picked the perfect melon.

Here are some easy, great tips for you to remember so you can pick out the best watermelon this summer-without having to slice into it.

1.Look for the Yellow Spot

Watermelons develop a large, creamy yellow spot (or field spot) on the rind during the growing process. Pick up the watermelon and look for that spot. If it's a creamy yellow color, the watermelon is ripe and ready to be eaten.

That yellow spot also means that the watermelon had time to ripen in the sun. If the spot is white, chances are it didn't have enough time to ripen.

2. It Should Be Heavy

Whether you're picking out a large or small watermelon, it should feel really heavy when you pick it up. The heavier, the better.

You should also avoid picking a watermelon if you notice any soft spots or bruises on the rind. For certain fruits, the rind develops soft spots, but make sure your watermelon rind is firm to the touch.

3. Knock on it

Sure, you might look funny doing it, but hey, an underripe watermelon is not tasty at all. Try tapping on the middle of the watermelon a listen for the right sound. An underripe watermelon will have more of a high-pitched sound. An over-ripe watermelon will have a lower- pitched sound and almost sound like a 'thud'. When you knock on a ripe watermelon, it will have a hollow sound, more like a 'plunk'.

4. Do a Smell Test

The best watermelon is a sweet watermelon, so giving the fruit a good sniff can also help you figure out if the melon is at the right level of ripeness. One of the best ways to pick a perfect watermelon is to give it a good sniff and check for a sweet smell. This trick also works for other fruits like honeydew, cantaloupe, and pineapple.

5. Check out its Tail

If you notice a dried out tail, you've probably picked a good watermelon. A dried tail means the watermelon is ripe. If the tail is light green, that means the watermelon was picked too soon and not ripe.

Now you know how to pick the best watermelon! Don't forget to check out some of our favorite watermelon recipes, watermelon salads and cocktails.