Hack Alert: How to Open a Wine Bottle with a Lighter

Along with paying bills and taxes, always having a corkscrew or wine opener handy is one of the key factors in adulting. But sometimes we falter in our grown up duties. That's where knowing some important life hacks come in handy. Especially knowing how to open a wine bottle with a lighter.

How To Open Wine Without A Bottle Opener

So what if you find yourself enjoying life, about to open a bottle of vino only to discover you're sans bottle opener? Don't panic. Well, ok, panic a little, but then pull yourself together. Here's the coolest way to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew provided by Hacker 007. More than just a party trick, this step-by-step tutorial may save your social life and emotional state of being one day.

Open Wine Sans Corkscrew

Remove the capsule (or foil) so you can see the cork through the glass and don't light the foil on fire. The basic idea is to heat up the air beneath the cork so it pushes the cork upwards.

Take your lighter and start the heating process just below the cork on the neck of the bottle. You may find a torch lighter is easier to hold than a mini cigarette lighter.

Keep your hands closer to the bottom of the bottle and keep the bottle turning. Keep the bottle pointed at 45-degree angle away from humans, pets, and breakables. After about a minute, the cork should start inching its way out. And POP! It's a more dramatic way to open wine than pulling out the butter knife, wooden spoon, or a pair of pliers. But isn't life all about drama?

A cork is inserted into a wine bottle with pressure. So heating the air below the cork pushes that cork back out with some force. When opening wine using any method, you'll hear a pop of some sort. This is that air escaping. The heat stays near the top of the bottle only for a short period of time so don't worry about changing the taste of the wine. This method to open a bottle of wine should also work with a synthetic cork.

Not in the mood for drama? Or fire? Make sure to pick up a few extra wine keys on Amazon through this link here so you never risk any of your loved ones losing an eye through this DIY method.

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