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Why You Should Spiral Cut Your Hot Dogs

Screengrab via YouTube/Chowhound

Who doesn't love a great hot dog? They are simple, delicious and crowd-pleasing. But have you ever tried a spiral-cut hot dog? If not, you should give this technique a try.

Spiral-cut hot dogs looks great, cooks evenly and doesn't bend as it cooks. These are just a few of the reasons you should take the time to cook your hot dogs this way. Plus, this simple method looks fantastic and fills up your entire bun.

The only things you need to cut them the right way is a skewer, a knife and a hot dog. After pushing the skewer through the dog, cut the hot dog as you roll it away from you. The best thing about cutting your hot dogs in this manner is that it is really simple.

You can see the full instructions in this video from Chowhound.

If you haven't tried a spiral hot dog before, you should try it for yourself the next time you have a cookout. It's amazing just how much better they are than regular hot dogs. Spiral hot dogs look great, and your guests will love them. Naturally, you can also try this out with sausage links and get the same effect.

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Why You Should Spiral Cut Your Hot Dogs