How to Make the Only Camping Stove You’ll Ever Need Using a Beer Can and a Knife

In the video above, Adventurer Tom Allen and his friend show you how to make the only camping stove you’ll ever need using minimal materials.

All you need is an aluminum can — the larger the better — and a knife or a pair of scissors. The process is so easy and the product is so useful that you may never want to spend money on store-bought camping stove ever again.

Granted, this camping stove isn’t ideal for every backcountry situation, but if you’re into packing light and being eco-friendly, this is a good option.

This stove burns alcohol fuels, but works best with isopropyl alcohol, also known as rubbing alcohol. Most pharmacies and grocery stores sell 16-ounce bottles of rubbing alcohol for a couple bucks.

Turning off the stove is easy. Just smother it with a cup, and within a few minutes the burner will be cool to the touch.

As always, we recommend you exercise caution when dealing with flammable materials.

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