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How to Make Freddie’s Ribs From ‘House of Cards’


If you've seen the show House of Cards, you know that Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) will spare no expense to eat his friend Freddie's ribs. The video above, from chef Bobby Parish, shows you how to make delicious, slow-smoked ribs inspired by Freddie's in the show.

Better yet, this recipe recreates the tasty "bark" and fall-off-the-bone texture of slow-smoked ribs. After all, not everyone has a smoker in their backyard.

These ribs use Parish's coffee rub, which you can find here. Marinade the ribs in the rub overnight, then cook slow and low for two hours in a tin-foil bath of beer. That is a gross over-simplification of the process, so check out the video above to find out more.

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How to Make Freddie’s Ribs From ‘House of Cards’