How To Fold A Fitted Sheet

This Brilliant Fitted Sheet Folding Technique Will Save You on Laundry Day


Laundry time turns my house into a disaster zone. Every. Time. Dealing with sorting through the piles of clothes, towels, and sheets is enough of a chore (literally), but the real trouble comes when it's time to fold. I never had a retail job growing up so you could say I really don't have any formal training in the art of folding. Honestly, that's putting it mildly. Whenever I try to fold clothing or household linens it looks like I did it with my feet. (Hopefully someone else out there can relate? Please?)

Unfortunately, my folding ineptitude results in a messy and wrinkled looking bed that is somewhat less satisfying to sink into at night. Thank goodness HGTV is here to show me how to save my time and sanity when folding my fitted sheets. Follow this step by step guide for the perfect way to fold your sheets. Feel free to use it as a duvet cover trick as well because we all know those are equally hard to deal with.

One of the hardest parts about folding this specific sheet is its weird shape. Its fitted corners are meant to cling tightly to the shape of the mattress. That makes it as awkward as a Facebook friend request from a high school boyfriend, right? Nope! You can use the sheet's shape and elastic edges to your advantage while folding to keep the shape consistent. Gone are the days when my folded sheets look like a puffy, tear-stained blob of surrendered dreams.


This video is only a minute long and I feel like I was watching a magician work. All hail the linen wizard! The trick is so easy even I was able to do it. I loved it so much that I undid my folded fitted sheet and made my boyfriend watch me do it again. (He didn't care.) You do need a flat surface to spread the sheet out lengthwise, so don't be lazy and find something better than the floor. You don't want to sleep in bed sheets that were on the floor anyway (gross). Do yourself a favor and deploy the technique from this fitted sheet video the next time you're folding. It's an adulting skill we all need. No more shoving balled-up sheets into the corner of your linen closet to hide your shame. You are the master of your bed linens now.

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