The Four-Step Method to an Easy Clean Stovetop

I like to think that a messy stovetop is a badge of honor; it's proof that I'm cooking real meals instead of surviving on cheese toast, after all. But really, it's just one more mess to deal with before company comes over. Fortunately, there is a super easy way how to clean glass cooktops. I promise this 4-step process will make your glass stove or ceramic cooktop look brand new.

The best thing about this method is that it uses just three items, all of which you have on hand in the kitchen, for an effective DIY cleanser that is non-abrasive and doesn't use harsh chemicals. If you need to supercharge the cleaning power, all you need to do is add one other simple ingredient.

Here's my favorite way to clean glass cooktops.

Step 1: Sprinkle baking soda across the stove.

While you don't need to use half a box, do make sure you get a solid layer on your glass cooktop.

Step 2: Lay a damp cloth or paper towel over the top of the baking soda.

Use hot water. You may need two towels, depending on how big they are and how much area on the stove you need to cover.

Step 3: Let it sit for at least 30 minutes.

This is the best part of this cleaning method. You can do any number of other things while waiting on the baking soda to do its job, and if you forget to go back after 30 minutes, it doesn't matter since baking soda doesn't scratch or discolor the stovetop.

Step 4: Wipe away the baking soda.

And the build-up of grime, dried bits of boil over, and burnt whatever. You can use the towels already on the stove, but if you've left them for too long, give the towels a small splash of water and then use a bit of elbow grease to wipe down the stovetop, using a circular motion to scrub where needed.

If you have some serious stains on your glass stovetop, add some vinegar. You can spritz plain white vinegar from a spray bottle over the baking soda, then add the towels. For any stubborn stains, carefully use a scraper or a razor blade on those areas. As long as you don't gouge the surface with the edge of the blade, your cooktop should be fine. You can also use a magic eraser or Bar Keepers Friend and a soft cloth for cleaning more stubborn spots.

It really is that easy to keep your glass stovetop clean; trust me, if I can keep my stove clean, so can you!

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