See How Country Stars are Reacting to the Gay Marriage Ruling

June 26 marked a historic day in the U.S. when the Supreme Court ruled to legalize marriage for same-sex couples in all 50 states.

This milestone ruling caused a lot of discussion and reaction from some of country music's biggest names. Many took to Twitter to speak their mind that day, including openly gay artists like Ty Herndon, who celebrated the unprecedented move.

Other artists like Kacey Musgraves, who have been very open about their support of marriage equality, also shared support via social media.

Brothers Osborne nodded its hat to the move, going against beliefs of the extremist Westboro Baptist Church, which regularly holds outlandish protests against against the LGBT community and those who support it.

Although reaction seemed mostly positive toward the ruling, there was a handful of country artists who openly disagreed with the decision. Ray Scott chose a bit of questionable humor in his reaction, while  the Oak Ridge Boys' Joe Bonsall pointed to his religious beliefs as the reason why he disagreed with the decision.

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See How Country Stars are Reacting to the Gay Marriage Ruling