How Big is Texas Compared to Other Countries? Huge.


If you've ever driven across the vast Lone Star State, you've likely pondered this question: how big is Texas, really?

Wonder no more, dear reader. Sparefoot recently created a definitive infographic that shows just how big the state of Texas is compared to other countries around the world.

To create the graphic, they consulted, a website that projects the actual geographic size of a country without distortion. Common map services like Google Maps use Mercator projections, which warp countries' actual sizes to preserve their shape the further they appear from the equator.

The representations in this graphic represent the actual geographic size of Texas and each country. Sparefoot also factored in extra data about each nation for their comparisons.

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So just how big is Texas compared to nations like Iceland, Iraq, Japan and Congo? Yuuuge. According to Sparefoot, Texas would be considered the 39th largest country by area if it were considered a nation. Below, you'll see how Texas fits inside large nations like Brazil and Australia.


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How Big is Texas Compared to Other Countries? Huge.