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Amp up Your Summer Vacation with These Unique Hover Surfboards

If you are looking for a fun new toy to play with over the summer, these hover surfboards are your ticket to a great time. Named the Jetfoiler, this unique hybrid was created by Kai Concepts.

The surfboards are motorized and work off of a remote that the rider holds in their hand. You steer them as you would any surfboard, with your feet. But these boards are a lot different from traditional models. You can use them in lakes, rivers, the ocean, or just about anywhere there is a large body of water.


Kai Concepts

The company makes these boards from the same material used in the construction of high-end race boats. The goal is to make them strong, but still easy for the riders to carry with them. This same material also helps reduce drag and make you feel like you are flying over the water.

You can watch the surfboards in action in this video.

What's probably the best thing about these surfboards is that it brings the art of surfing to a whole new crowd. Usually, those in landlocked areas, like Kansas and Oklahoma, don't have the opportunity to enjoy surfing on a regular basis. However, with these devices, needing to travel thousands of miles to the ocean will no longer be an issue.

Kai Concepts

Kai Concepts

Naturally, this isn't the first water device by Kai Concepts, and hopefully won't be the last. They are also responsible for the Kiteboat that came out a few years ago. The team that comes up with these interesting contraptions work under the guidance of Don Montague, who is a former sail and kite surfer. He uses his experience on the water along with the knowledge of a team of inflatable designers, kitesurfers and windsurfers to come up with these designs.

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