Houston Reporter Rescues Man Stranded in Floodwaters


Being a weather reporter sometimes means getting involved in the story as it happens. That was the case for Steve Campion who rescued a driver who was stranded in the torrential rain waters that flooded Houston on Monday morning.

10-20 inches of rain pummeled Houston on early Monday morning, stranding drivers across the city. Campion, a reporter for ABC 13, was reporting from a flooded overpass when he saw a man trying to escape his submerged vehicle. The driver attempted to swim to safety, but required aid. Campion didn’t miss a beat and waded forward to help the man to safety.

Watch the footage from the broadcast.

Campion’s Twitter feed showed how severe the flooding was early Monday morning.

City officials have urged Houston residents to stay home today. Most schools were have been closed across the city. Additionally, several flights out of the Houston George Bush Airport have been canceled.

The rainwater is expected to continue throughout the day.

Jim Cantore, a storm tracker for the Weather Channel, described the storm as  “a mind-boggling situation.”

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Houston Reporter Rescues Man Stranded in Floodwaters