Houston Police Show Off Dance Skills for Running Man Challenge


The Houston Police Department broke out some of their best dance moves for their version of the latest viral internet trend, the Running Man Challenge.

The hilarious video collaboration features the department shaking it all over the city to the 1990s hit song “My Boo” by Ghost Town. The video was shot earlier this month and the final product dropped on Tuesday, June 28.  The video features some big name Houston cameos. See for yourself who dances alongside Houston’s finest.

The running man challenge was made popular by Two Maryland basketball players and was started by two high school boys, Kevin Vincent and Jeremiah Hall, who came up with the idea while bored in class one day. In an appearance on The Ellen Show, Kevin and Jeremiah explain it all in detail.

Since then people everywhere have been coming up with their own versions and sharing them across the internet. A little lighthearted fun couldn’t come at a better time.

“It’s important,” Officer Jones tells KTRK-TV. “It’s important because right now, policing in itself … We’re getting a bad rap around the United States. We want to let the world know that the Houston Police Department can dance and that we can have fun.”

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Houston Police Show Off Dance Skills for Running Man Challenge