Houston Police Arrest 130 In Massive Music Gear Theft Bust

Houston Police Department

The Houston Police Department jumped into action when musician after musician fell victim to gear theft while playing in the Texas city. They enlisted the help of its neighboring Pasadena Police Department and Baytown Police Department, as well as the Department of Homeland Security, to put a stop to the theft epidemic.

Saving Country Music reported that "Operation Wheels and Deals" made 130 arrests following a lengthy investigation, which uncovered the connection of vehicle and trailer thefts in an organized crime ring. The culprits would steal a band's vehicle and trailer, remove the expensive contents, and leave the vehicles behind.

Texas country artist Zane Williams played a major role in the discovery of the crime ring, as Williams placed a GPS tracking system on his vehicles and was able to follow his stolen items.

"When recovering [Williams'] property, they discovered an entire inventory of motorcycle apparel and accessories at this location," Captain Daryn Edwards of the Houston Police Department said in a press release. "This was basically a mom and pop business that had lost their entire inventory. Through zealous investigation, our burglary and theft detective began to suspect a large criminal enterprise that were involved in targeting big ticket items, usually transported via large trailers, in which the trailer and all of its contents were stolen."

Once HPD was able to connect the many thefts, the involved law enforcement agencies made 130 arrests and filed over 200 charges. Zane Williams expressed his gratitude via Twitter earlier this week.

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Houston Police Arrest 130 In Massive Music Gear Theft Bust