This Historic Houston Bungalow Has a Charming New Interior

A historic Houston bungalow underwent an impressive makeover with stylish upgrades and a charming redesign.

A house that once blended into the background now stands out with bright green shutters and an entrance door - but that's just the beginning. The inside of this 1,065 sq-foot home is truly now spectacular.

Bland furniture and empty window panes used to greet you upon arrival. Now, a gorgeous blue accent wall, matching decor and plush seating liven up the living area. A simple addition of black surround along the fireplace also adds to the dimension.



The dining area is now warm and inviting with the color contrast of the walls and white trim as well as the elegantly embellished parson chairs that sit in waiting.




Gorgeous light fixtures and a little bit of paint was all it took to revive the spacious kitchen area. The addition of an island not only added function with extra counter space and storage, but it gave the kitchen shape and contour.


Over sized windows in the sun room let in an abundance of natural light in an already impressive space, but the dark color change to the spiral staircase along with new drapery really broaden the space and bring it up to 21st century modern.


A vibrant change to the color and layout of the master bedroom truly awakens the space. The fresh new look gives the perfect excuse to turn down at night.


Other notable changes were made to the bathroom, den, backyard and guest house. What once was a quaint living space is now a radiant and modern chalet anyone would be lucky to call home.

Here are a few other pictures from the styling makeover.


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This Historic Houston Bungalow Has a Charming New Interior