This House Has the Most Epic 'Time Warp' Halloween Light Show

Screengrab via YouTube

The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Halloween go together like bread and butter. You almost can't have one without the other. To celebrate the holiday, most people go to a showing of the movie in full costume or just watch the DVD. However, one family in Riverside, Calif. decided to dedicate an entire light show to the film's classic song, "Time Warp."

Thousands of lights produce visions of singing pumpkin faces while flashing LEDs produce tantalizing patterns. Then, smaller screens show clips from the 1975 movie. If that wasn't enough, three more swirling screens inspire a feeling like you might be transported to Transylvania any moment.

The mastermind behind the video wrote on YouTube that they used strobes, floods, Matrix boards and thousands upon thousands of LED lights to create this magical Halloween masterpiece.

The original movie came out in 1975 and starred Tim Curry as the stunning Dr. Frank N Furter, as well as a young Susan Sarandon as Janet. It quickly developed a cult following, and regular screenings, complete with yelling, costumes, and props.

If you're a huge fan of the show, then buckle up because Fox is airing a brand new version of this classic musical on Oct. 20. It stars Laverne Cox, Cristina Milian and Victoria Justice. It'll be available for streaming via Fox.com beginning Oct. 21.

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This House Has the Most Epic 'Time Warp' Halloween Light Show