This Hotel Will Help You Live Out Your Tiny House Fantasies

Stay at the Tiny House Hotel and experience tiny house living without having to sell everything you own.

We've all felt the urge at some point. You're making your usual rounds on the Internet, and bam, you see it: the most adorable, tiny, cozy little cottage you've ever seen. It's filled with nothing but the essentials, including a trendy hipster couple that looks way happier than you. And in that moment, you want nothing more than to downsize and live the simple, portable, tiny house life.

If you don't want to drop everything for the micro-space lifestyle, you can try it out at Caravan the Tiny House Hotel located in Portland, Oregon. The first ever of it's kind,  the Tiny House Hotel offers guests five unique tiny homes to vacation in. They provide you with all the essentials that you would expect in a luxury hotel, and a few uncommon necessities, like complimentary earplugs and a white noise maker for light sleepers.

Each tiny home is decked out to the nines. You'll feel like you just stepped into a Pinterest board. And in the evenings, the hotel brings in live music and hosts events exclusively for it's guests.

The homes are nestled in a tiny block, circled around a stage and a fire pit that give the whole place a sense of community and fun.

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This Hotel Will Help You Live Out Your Tiny House Fantasies