Hospital Fulfills Dying Man’s Final Wish to Say Goodbye to His Favorite Horse

After working with horses for almost his entire life, terminal cancer patient Frank Keats wanted to see his favorite pony just one last time.

For 65 years, Keat worked closely with horses as a breeder and judge of equestrian competitions across his home country of England. After Keat’s health began to fail earlier this year, he was admitted to nearby Bodmin Hospital in Cornwall, England. When the staff realized how important his horses were to Keat, they knew it was time to step in.

They organized a surprise visit with his five-year-old horse, Early Morn. When Keat was rolled out in his wheelchair to the hospital’s patio, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Frank was just overwhelmed and speechless,” hospital nurse Samantha Russell told Today. “I can honestly say that this is the most memorable day of my career. The emotion was overwhelming and there wasn’t a dry eye on the ward.”

Keat riding a horse to victory.
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Just three days after his meeting with Early Morn, Keat passed away at the age of 80. His family was comforted with the knowledge that his father was able to say goodbye to his beloved horse.

“It was a wonderful gesture by the nurses to arrange for his horse to visit him like that,” Tim Keat said. “I want to thank all the staff on the ward for what they did, because I know my dad couldn’t have wished for anything better.”

Keat [right] and jockey Trevor Coles in 2000. Photo: USA Today

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Hospital Fulfills Dying Man’s Final Wish to Say Goodbye to His Favorite Horse