How to Make an Awesome Boot Rack out of Horseshoes


It's a perpetual problem for country folks: where do you store your pairs of boots to keep them looking nice? Shoe storage ain't exactly easy or a carefree endeavor when you own a new car's downpayment worth of tall boots. Thankfully, one man solved it, creating a 6-pair boot rack by welding together a super cool horseshoe boot rack. Sometimes boots don't fit on a traditional shoe rack or shoe organizer, so this is the perfect storage solution that adds to your home decor.

When you get home after a long day, you could just toss your boots in the corner of your closet. But why do that since the boots were an investment themselves. Storage & organization of your shoes will not only help them look nice over time, but are household essentials to make sure everything is in the right spot. (Plus with a boot organizer you save closet space.)

Quality boots cost money and boot storage is an essential part of owning boots. A boot rack like this one can keep them straight, and prevent the leather from becoming creased in the shaft (that's the part of the boot that covers your legs.) These boot stands are like your own little boot butlers.

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The amount of work that goes into the horseshoe boot rack is pretty impressive, and so is the result, whether it's a 4-pair boot rack or a hundred-pair boot rack. Watch the video above to learn how to create the perfect place to keep your Luccheses. Then rack'em up in the boot rack of your dreams, whether they're cowboy boots, rain boots, or whatever other boots are in your house.

Materials you'll need:

12 Classic Horseshoes

1 5/16" x 36" Mild Steel Rod

Filler Material for Welding

Spray Paint of Choice


This post was originally published on December 15, 2017.

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How to Make an Awesome Boot Rack out of Horseshoes