Move Over, Goats - Horse Yoga is Headed to Texas

In the past few years, goat yoga has exploded in popularity across the country. Fans love being able to get exercise while spending time with the cute animals. Now, a new version of the trend is hitting the Lone Star State.

Horse yoga mixes the beloved blend of exercise and meditation with riding. The horse acts as a sort of partner in the exercises as the participant does simple stretches while seated in its saddle or while standing nearby.

Sound interesting? Well, now you have a few chances to try it out for yourself. According to Austin360Healing with Horses Ranch in Manor, Texas will hold a horse yoga class on May 28. For a donation of just $10, you can spend your evening relaxing with the ranch's majestic residents.

If you're craving a more intense horse yoga experience, you can also sign up for a four-week session at Bear Creek Stables, just south of Austin. According to the Daily Texan, participants will gather on Sundays to learn a series of stretching and breathing exercises.

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So why horses? The connections forged between these gentle giants and humans often bring a sense of purpose and relaxation. Therapy horses are often used to help veterans cope with post-war stressors and psychological issues.

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Move Over, Goats - Horse Yoga is Headed to Texas