Horse Visits Hospital to Say Farewell to Terminally Ill Owner

The bond between a pet and its owner is something that can be hard to explain.

Sometimes, words aren’t needed to show just how big of an impact a loving animal can have on someone’s life. For one terminally ill woman, there was nothing more important than being able to say one last goodbye to her beloved horse.

Lisa Beech has owned her horse Jake for 16 years. She stumbled upon him during a farm sale in Kentucky and was told that his owners were too sick to care for him any longer. Beech fell in love with Jake after meeting him and they’ve have been joined at the hip ever since.

Sadly, Beech recently found out that cancer, which she has battled since childhood, has spread throughout body. The aggressive cancer is terminal, which leaves Beech with only a few weeks left to live.

Lisa’s daughter, Amanda Sturgill, knew there was something that had to be done before her mother passed away. She met with McConathy Farm Rescue to come up with a way that her mother could see Jake one last time. The rescue was able to transport Jake to her hospital for one final goodbye.

“We had told her there was a big surprise for her,” Sturgill explained to The Dodo. “When we walked across the street with Jake and she saw what was going on, her face just lit up.”

Beech was overwhelmed with happiness during the bittersweet reunion. “That’s the happiest I’ve seen her in a very long time,” Sturgill said. “This really shows that if you give your heart to an animal, they’ll give you theirs right back.”

Although Lisa may not be there to care for Jake, Amanda is determined to make sure Jake has a loving home for the rest of his life.

“Jake is not ever going anywhere,” Sturgill said. “He’ll be with me forever.”

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Horse Visits Hospital to Say Farewell to Terminally Ill Owner