This Clever and Determined Horse Can Pick Any Lock with Ease

Screengrab via YouTube

Although horses are loved by many, you may not put them at the top of the list when it comes to having high intelligence levels.

Even though they're usually friendly and easy to interact with, horses need intense training to master complicated tricks. For most animals, food can be a big motivator when it comes to solving complicated problems. In this video, you'll see a talented horse who used her brain and brawn to get in and out of any closed door she ran into, in order to get a tasty treat.

This adorable mare named Mariska has become a wizard when it comes to picking locks. If she's hungry enough, she can maneuver her way in and out of stalls, fences and anything else that stands in her way. Like many of us, Mariska is driven by her constant hunger and won't let anything stand between her and a tasty meal.

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How does she do it? It just takes a little perseverance and time for Mariska to get to where she needs to go. Her determination and skill is something we should all strive to mimic. 

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This Clever and Determined Horse Can Pick Any Lock with Ease