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Hooded Beach Towels for Kids: 5 Options Under $30


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One of the best parts about summertime as a kid was getting out of the pool to devour turkey sandwiches, chips, watermelon and whatever mom fixed up for lunch. Nothing beats sitting around a picnic table with friends and family, soaking up the sun, and making memories. Make sure your little ones have a hooded towel to keep warm and dry as they enjoy their summertime snacks.

Hooded towels for kids are too adorable and might even make some little ones excited to give the water a break to eat and recover. They're cooler than most beach towels or bath towels, plus you can designate this as your baby or kid's towel for outdoor fun (no one wants to ruin clean bath towels outside!).

We rounded up five toddler towels to match many personalities, from superheroes, mermaids and more. Your baby girls and baby boys will love these hooded bath towels.


Water Safety Tips

Remember to use sunscreen 15 minutes before going out to swim, take breaks to hydrate, and eat (including letting food digest). You know your child best, so be sure to tell them to come out of the pool for breaks, especially if you notice they're getting sleepy.

Grab some pool floaties and goggles as well. And of course, they might think you're hovering, but they'll understand one day. Water days can be dangerous without floaties and adult supervision. Unfortunately, accidents happen, so keep your children safe by taking precautions.

Best Hooded Towels for Pool Days

1. Mermaid

This hooded beach towel is under $20 and is the perfect pick for kids obsessed with The Little Mermaid (or just mermaids in general).

The bestseller is made of cotton and is super absorbent. Mermaid kids will love using the quick-drying towel after bathtime or after days spent at the water park.


It'll fit children 2-7 years old.

2. Dinosaur

Here's a pick under $30 for dinosaur lovers. The poncho towel is super soft and made of absorbent cotton, perfect for little ones who get very cold right out of the tub or pool!

The kids' bath towel is great for kids between 3-12 years old.

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3. Avengers

Every Avengers fan needs some kind of merchandise showing off their love for Spidey, Iron Man, The Hulk and more.

The hooded bath towel is perfect for the kiddo who wanted to see Endgame and Spider-Man No Way Home over and over again.

The cotton towel is under $20 and is Amazon's Choice for Spider-Man hooded towels. Use it as a bathrobe after bathtime fun or a beach towel.

4. Unicorn

This unicorn hooded towel is under $21 and will fit toddlers. It's a great hooded baby towel for fans of My Little Pony.


It even comes in eight different colors, so your little one can pick out their favorite color.

5. Bunny

Here's the perfect towel for Easter Day fun spent at Grandma's pool. The $19 towel is too cute and comes in our favorite Easter colors, purple, pink and blue.

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