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11 Brilliant Ways to Transform Used Car Parts into Home Decor

When your old car or truck racks up the miles and wears out, don't send it to the junkyard just yet. Instead, you can salvage some of the parts and transform them into rustic home decor.

After you check out these 11 DIY creations, you'll never look at an old car the same way again. You might even be inspired to build your own piece.

Coil Spring Barstool

These barstools can be made using oversized truck or military vehicle springs. They'll add just a touch of industrial flare to your rustic kitchen.

Chevy Tailgate Mini Bar

This bar brings tailgating to a whole new level. Take an old tailgate and mount it to the wall to build a drop-down bar that easily folds up when you're not using it.

Coil Spring Candleholder

Who knew a rusty coil spring could look so elegant? Just intertwine some garland around the coils and top it off with a candle to give this old spring some rustic flare.

Tire Rim Ottoman

An old tire rim can easily be transformed into an ottoman with a little ingenuity and elbow grease. To build the lid of the ottoman, cut a circular piece of plywood. Then, upholster the plywood lid with the fabric of your choice.

Steering Wheel Curtain Rod

Upcycle some old tractor steering wheels into curtain rods for a shabby-chic window treatment

Tire Rim Planter

You probably had a tire swing hanging from a tree when you were growing up. But that's not the only way to upcycle an old tire. You can repurpose your worn-down tires into a flower planter.

Car Wheel Fire Pit

This is a thrifty hack for building a cheap but functional fire pit. Check out this video tutorial for step-by-step instructions.

Taxi Bench

Make a statement in your living room by converting an old taxi into a bench. Gut the front end of the car, then install a bench. Mount it on some legs, and then you have a new couch.

Car Ramp Table Stand

At first glance, this doesn't look like a table made from old auto parts. But take a closer look and you'll realize this entryway table was built using an old car ramp.

Coil Spring Mail Organizer

Use an old, rusty coil spring lying around in your garage as a thrifty new mail sorter.

Truck Bed Frame

You can quite literally turn your truck bed into a bed. Attach the back cab and tailgate of an old truck to your bed frame to build the bed of every Chevy lover's dreams.

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