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Home Becomes Completely Encased in Ice After Brutal Winter Storm

Some homeowners in upstate New York got a rude awakening this week when they found their beach home completely encased in ice. The home is in Webster, N.Y., just a few feet away from Lake Ontario. Over five days, the brutal temperatures, high-speed winds and moisture from the lake turned the home into a beautiful ice sculpture.

According to CBS News, it's possible that the ice is up to seven inches thick in some areas. The result is an unusual structure that is mind-boggling to many. Some even accused the photographer John Kucko of uploading a fake picture. He later posted a video on Facebook to prove that the photo was indeed real.

John happened across the home when he was out searching for sunsets to photograph. According to his Facebook page, Kucko takes many of his beautiful photos of sunsets about 200 yards from where the home stands. But, when he headed out to the same spot this time, he couldn't believe the beauty of the ice-captured house.

He does point out that the homes nearby didn't receive this same treatment because of their design. In some photos, you can see that the home next door is free from ice. John says this is due to a retaining wall that the homeowners built to prevent these types of problems.

Fortunately, the owners of the home don't live there full-time. Instead, they use it as a vacation home during the spring and summer, and any other time they want to enjoy the beach. So, at least they aren't stuck inside the ice while mother nature wreaks havoc on it.

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However, others in the area aren't so lucky. The five-day storm that brought as much as 81 mph wind gusts caused around 150,000 people to lose power. That coupled with the bitterly cold temperatures is causing many problems for the people near this home. The area also expects to receive another foot of snow later this week.

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