Holderness Family Spoofs Zac Brown Band’s 'Colder Weather' [VIDEO]

If you're from the South and can't handle all the snow this winter, you'll love this.

It's been a rough winter; there's no doubt about that. While the Northeast has taken the brunt of Old Man Winter's fury, the South has had more than its fair share of winter, too. And let's be honest, southerners aren't the best at dealing with wintry conditions.

That's the subject of The Holderness Family's latest song spoof "Suck in Colder Weather," a parody of Zac Brown Band's 2010 hit "Colder Weather. You may remember the Holderness Family from their viral videos "Baby Got Class," "Gin and Juice Halloween" and "Christmas Jammies."

On their YouTube page, the Holderness Family's matriarch, Kim, described her family's struggle with snow.

"I grew up in Florida. Penn is a North Carolina boy. This snow. THIS. SNOW! We are clueless. We don't own a snow shovel or salt... iodized salt? Is that what they are putting on the roads? We don't know."

The struggle is real.

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Holderness Family Spoofs Zac Brown Band’s 'Colder Weather' [VIDEO]