This ‘Hipster’ Snake in Texas Sports a Mustache and Sunglasses

Most people classifying “hipsters” as those who like to wear a lot of flannel, thick-rimmed glasses and maybe even sport a mustache. Now it seems one snake has hopped on the hipster bandwagon (sans flannel, of course).

The snake in question is a Western Rat Snake, which is non-venomous. You can find it just about anywhere in central North America, but it’s especially common in Texas, southern Oklahoma and parts of Louisiana. This little guy just happens to have a unique scale pattern that resembles sunglasses and a mustache.

Karlie Gray snapped these now-viral pictures of the “hipster” snake and shared them with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Twitter account. People just can’t get enough of this trendy serpent.

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If you want to check out some of the cool patterns on the Western Rat Snake yourself, you will most likely find them in wooded areas. They are also great at climbing, so you’re likely to find them crawling up the trunk of a tree. However, most of these cool creatures will soon be retreating to their dens to hibernate for the upcoming winter season.

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This ‘Hipster’ Snake in Texas Sports a Mustache and Sunglasses