Hillary Scott
Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Hillary Scott Reveals She's Pregnant with Twins


In a tearjerking video posted to her Instagram account, Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott announced that she and her husband Chris Tyrrell are pregnant with twins!

In the video, Scott and Tyrrell sit down with their daughter Eisele to tell her about the babies in mommy's tummy.


"You know how you've been praying a lot about having a baby, and about God giving our family another baby?" Tyrrell asks the adorable little Eisele. "Well God has answered that prayer, and mommy is pregnant with a baby in her belly. But guess what? She actually has two babies in her belly!"

Eisele gasps, and Scott exclaims, "Can you believe it? Two babies! Right here!"

The video is made all the more precious by the future big sister's enthusiasm, "I can't wait until the babies come out!" She gushes. Then, asking a question no dad wants to answer, "When am I gonna have a baby in my belly?"

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Scott was very open about her miscarriage in 2015, even recording an album to convey her feelings. So fans were delighted to learn of her new pregnancy. Twins, however, has doubled that joy. Fellow Lady Antebellum bandmate Dave Haywood's wife is also expecting a baby in December.

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