'Love It or List It' Star Hilary Farr Was an Actress Before She Was a Designer

One of the best parts about HGTV's Love It or List It is watching interior designer Hilary Farr interact with her co-host, real estate agent David Visentin. The love-hate relationship is hilarious and adds some entertaining competition to the popular series. Longtime fans of the show know you'll get tough love with Hilary Farr, who's a straight shooter with homeowners and will be honest and upfront about how realistic your budget and goals are. While it's hard to imagine her doing anything else, because she really is an incredible designer, designing homes wasn't her first love.

Though she was born in Toronto, Farr grew up in London where she developed a passion for performing on the stage early on.

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"I grew up wanting to be a ballet dancer," the HGTV star told Extra.

In fact, she even attended the Royal Ballet School as a young child before fully switching gears to the theater. She found some success as an actress in the Broadway production of Run For Your Wife as well as in films like Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width, Legend of the Werewolf, City on Fire, The Return, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. That's right! Farr appeared in the cult classic film as Betty Munroe, the bride at the wedding Brad and Janet attend before they get stuck at Dr. Frank-N-Furter's mansion.

"It is an amazing fun fact," Hilary explained to POPSUGAR Home. "It came about because we lived -- as a family -- right below Tim Curry."

Farr's interior design interest was sparked for the first time when she helped her mother renovate her childhood home and she realized she actually had quite a gift. She ended up quickly making a name for herself in the design world, becoming the very first designer in Canada to stage homes. While it's common practice now all over North America, it made Farr quite the trendsetter when she discovered that it helps people find a connection to a space when it looks lived in while looking to purchase a home.

Ever since 2008, Farr has starred as host of Love It or List It with co-star David Visentin as well as appeared on numerous other HGTV series as a celebrity judge like Brother vs. Brother. Outside of her TV career, the British-Canadian runs her own business as a home designer, Hilary Farr Designs, with offices in Canada and New York. In fact, she's helped celebrities like Jenna Elfman and Jennifer Hudson renovate their homes in addition to clients all over the world.

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'Love It or List It' Star Hilary Farr Was an Actress Before She Was a Designer