Hilarious Video of Texas Lawyers Singing ‘Don’t Eat Your Weed’ Goes Viral

YouTube/Hutson & Harris, Attorneys

Two talented Texas lawyers have gone viral with their hilarious and informative song, “Don’t Eat Your Weed.”

Sometimes people make poor decisions that get them into even more trouble than they would have been in. For example, eating their pot stash to try to hide it from the cops. Well, two attorneys decided to write a song about it, and the result is all sorts of amazing.

Will Huston and Chris Harris of Hutson and Harris Attorneys in Texas wrote the song and put it up on YouTube. A person caught with a small amount of weed on them is a class B misdemeanor. However, a person who tries to hide it will get slapped with a felony charge. Hutson and Harris hope their catchy song will help people remember that.

Hutson and Harris are two pretty talented (and hilarious) guys. The comedic video has garnered more than 130 thousand views and has even been played on the radio.

“There are some lawyers’ commercials out there that are just so ridiculous, you wonder if somebody would take you seriously,” Harris told the The Bellingham Herald. “[W]e were hoping to look like a couple of guys who are lawyers who happen to play guitar. That is what we were shooting for.”

If Hutson and Harris ever decide to change professions, I think they could have a successful career as a country music duo.

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Hilarious Video of Texas Lawyers Singing ‘Don’t Eat Your Weed’ Goes Viral