20 Hilarious Tweets About Fall in Texas

Fall in Texas is... interesting, to say the least. Everyone gets excited because we finally get a respite from the intense summer sun, even if the heat does stick around. Sometimes it actually gets cool outside and then we really lose our minds, knowing that we won't be able to enjoy it for much longer than about 72 hours, at which point it will go back to being hot. So in recognition of the brief yet exciting fall in Texas, here are some hilarious tweets on the subject.

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It's 40 degrees in the morning and 90 again by 2 PM

Yeah, don't get used to it...

We always want the cool weather, until it actually shows up

Because Texas

I hear they have really good Fall in Not Texas

Bundling up would be... unwise

Sometimes we skip fall and go straight to winter.

Sometimes we get summer 2.0 instead.

Dust off your sweaters, y'all

Fall foliage tends to be smaller. Much, much smaller

Sounds about right

We don't get much "fall"

Sometimes you get to wear them both on the same day

See? Madison gets it. Layering is your friend.

Where would we be without Shiner?

We totally get fall envy.

That was last week, though. This week you can wear cutoffs and flip-flops again.

There is no in between.

Texas does what Texas wants.

Sometimes it seems too tough to carry on.

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20 Hilarious Tweets About Fall in Texas