21 Funny Thanksgiving Tweets to Get You Through the Holiday

Thanksgiving is almost here, and y’all know what that means: forced quality time with your extended family. Get ready to hear passive-aggressive jabs at everything from your hairstyle to your career choices. So when you need a laugh check out these funny Thanksgiving tweets and don’t give snooty Aunt Karen a second thought.

Calories don’t count on Thanksgiving

Poor pilgrims

It’s a fact

The pie is not the only thing getting burned this year

Been there, done that

Oh good, I love life hacks!

Well, that’s certainly true…

What happened to minding your own business?

Can’t wait!

Usually I’m the one telling my kids not to lick things

It’s “pee-KAHN”. FIGHT ME

Not all heroes wear capes

Cardio is very important


It’s too good to go to waste

I totally prefer Pokémon and Youtube

Sure, it’s the turkey


Happy Thanksgiving!

Food makes everything better

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