9 Texas Restaurant Names That Will Make You Cringe or Laugh out Loud


Here in the Lone Star State food is like a religion, third in line behind football, and, well, actual religion. We spend hours smoking meat. We are picky about the definition of kolaches, which really aren't even a thing in other states. We are snobby about what constitutes Mexican food, and Texans pretty much-invented queso dip so don't get us started. Yes, Texans take food seriously. However, we really do like to laugh, too. Here are nine oddly named Texas restaurants that may give you a chuckle.

Just try not to giggle when you tell your friends to come meet you

"Where the elite meet in bare feet" reads the sign for the Poop Deck in Galveston.

The lunch rocks hard at this Plano restaurant.

This Plano sandwich shop gets all my love. It's like a stairway to heaven.

If you don't know why this is funny, please don't Google it.

Just enjoy your innocence while it lasts. You can usually find this elotes booth at the historic Market Square in San Antonio.


Best Pho King pho in Austin.

It's just so Pho King delicious.

Ddong Ggo (Korean for "butt hole")

You can tell how spicy the Korean fusion is at this Carrollton restaurant from the irate chicken's inflamed rear-end. Thus, the name.

"Do you want a hurts donut?" Uh, yes.

Head out to Frisco to get a Hurts Donut that won't leave you bruised.

"Hey guys, I'm headed out for lunch. Who wants to go eat an Evil Wiener with me?"

This Austin food truck may be delicious but I don't know if I have the guts to invite anyone there.


Yes, I'll have a small coffee and, uh... 30 scones, please.

This Hutto bakery must be such an awesome place to go when you have the munchies.

You can find a lot of meat in Houston at this...

...ok. I better stop while I'm ahead here.

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