This Hilarious Horse Riding in a Convertible Is Too Much [VIDEO]


There are plenty of hilarious horse videos out there on the Internet to make us laugh or even touch our hearts. Though I guarantee you've never seen anything quite like this one.

Here, we are introduced to Patches, AKA the coolest horse around. Why is he so cool, you ask? Well how many horses do you know that have their own special seat in a convertible? Patches heads through a drive-thru with his owners, who say he can eat up to five cheeseburgers at a time. He looks completely content as he hangs in the back seat of the customized Grand Marquis, grabbing attention from passersby. But don't be mistaken by thinking Patches is just a one-trick pony. He also takes time out from lounging on the couch to grab his owner a beer from the fridge or answer a phone call. When his day is done, he even curls up under a blanket on his own bed.

According to Jalopnik, Robert and Herbert Thompson, Patches' owners in the clip, taught the horse everything he knows. The trainers learned the horse's likes and dislikes and took extra time to teach him when it's time to party and when it's just time to chill. The clip is almost unbelievable to watch, but also a testament to just how talented Patches and his trainers really are.

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This Hilarious Horse Riding in a Convertible Is Too Much [VIDEO]