Highway Cams Capture ‘Terrifying’ Video of Garland Tornado

Images of the devastating storms that ravaged the Dallas area over this past Christmas weekend have flooded the internet, but none quite tell the story like this video footage of a monster tornado crossing major highways.

The video features footage from five different cameras at the intersection of Interstate 30 and Bush Turnpike in Garland, compiled by the Dallas Morning News. The opening angle shows a stark black sky and several drivers traveling the roads. As lightning strikes, a massive EF-4 tornado can be seen in the distance. Later footage shows the tornado destroying trees and hurling debris all over the roads.

Tragically, the Garland tornado claimed the lives of eight people in the city — all in traffic-related accidents as the tornado crossed the major roads, hurling debris with winds reaching 180 miles per hour. The victims ranged in age from 1 to 77 years old. Another three died and scores more were injured in other parts of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

The North Texas Tollway authority did not want to release the video until the investigation into the eight deaths was completed.

Law enforcement in the area called the video “terrifying” as clean-up efforts are still underway in the area. Several different resources have been created for those who want to donate to recovery efforts.

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Highway Cams Capture ‘Terrifying’ Video of Garland Tornado