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Map Shows Highest and Lowest Paying Jobs in Every State

Thanks to the career guide Zippia, you can easily see the highest paying lowest paying jobs in every single state. The infographic was created by using information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics' website. You might be surprised at the findings.

Most of the significantly lower paying jobs are within the service industry. Restaurant workers like fast food cooks, hosts, and bus boys are among the lowest paying jobs by state. In many states, especially in the South, these jobs are the lowest paying overall. One of the most surprising findings is that highly-educated Graduate Teaching Assistants are actually paid the least overall in Idaho.

This may come as no surprise, but overall it seems like the medical field is the way to go if you want a big paycheck. Hit the books and endure medical school if becoming a surgeon, dentist, or anesthesiologist interests you. You'll likely get a hefty salary in return for your hard work.

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If you didn't mind living in North Dakota, you could earn nearly $300,000 annually as an anesthesiologist. They are among the most highly-paid workers in the entire state.

Check out the map to see what careers are booming and tanking in your own state.

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