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This Incredible Swimming Pool Disappears with the Flip of a Switch

The creatives at AGOR Engineering Enterprises have invented amazing movable floors, that are completely revolutionizing backyard swimming pools. One moment, you can have a backyard patio perfect for entertaining or hanging out and the next, an inground pool. Confused? I'll explain.

It's an incredible, one-of-a-kind pool cover that retracts and then ultimately becomes the floor of the swimming area. This allows for the space that the pool takes up to still be useful living area. The end result is a durable pool cover that is safe for sunbathing, barbecues, dance parties and more.

Plus, it's a great safety feature. No need to stress about toddlers falling into the water. For families with small children, the water is inaccessible when the cover is in place. Parents can also lock the floor in its covered position and adjust the water height based on their children's size and swimming ability.

Watch a video of the innovative engineering below.

Sure makes you want a pool, doesn't it?

These pools are ideal for backyards but are also available for hotels or sports arenas. Pricing for these systems is not listed but for more information, a contact form can be found on AGOR's official website.

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This Incredible Swimming Pool Disappears with the Flip of a Switch