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More People Tuned into HGTV Than CNN in 2016

During the incredibly divisive year that was 2016, more television viewers tuned into HGTV than ever before.

The network has seen a spike in popularity in recent years, no doubt because of its overall positivity. When politics and celebrity deaths created a somber tone on CNN, HGTV served as an escape. Everyone from NFL players to Taylor Swift have sang the network's praises.

Shows like Property Brothers and Fixer Upper brought happiness and joy to people in an otherwise trying time. According to Bloomberg, HGTV was third in viewership amongst all cable networks, behind only Fox News and ESPN. 

HGTV's formula for success is pretty simple - consistent programming that almost always ends with a positive outcome. The network squeezes an entire house flip into a smooth half hour time slot, creating an ultimately satisfying TV-watching experience. The various home makeover shows' hosts are wholesome and relatable as well. Everyone loves watching the quirky relationship between Chip and Joanna Gaines while they work to improve the homes of others.

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In short, the popularity of Home and Garden Television network is primarily based on the fact its programming won't upset the viewer. When you sit down to watch HGTV, you know exactly what you're going to get - happiness and positivity.

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