Hero Dog Rescues Young Girl from Rattlesnake


German Shepherds are known for being brave and smart. After all, they are one of the top breeds chosen for police training. They are also extremely loyal and make a great family dog. These are just some of the reasons this breed is so popular for families.

But, when Donya DeLuca decided to rescue a 2-year-old German Shepard, named Haus, her husband Adam wasn't initially excited. The family had just lost their dog of 13 years and were still recovering from that loss.

It wasn't long, however, before Adam and their two children fell in love with the dog with the goofy personality. Before they knew it, the DeLuca's felt that Haus, which means "house" in German, was a part of their family.

One great thing about bonding with this dog so quickly is that he constantly looks for ways to protect the children, Molly age 7 and Joey age 4. The family says he is especially protective of them at night and follows them everywhere they go. Here's a video detailing his story.

Haus' loyalty and protectiveness was proven in an amazing way one evening when Molly and Haus were in the family's backyard. Before Molly, her grandmother or the rest of the family were even aware of the danger, the hero dog took a stance between Molly and the rattlesnake that was lying in wait.

Instead of attacking Molly, the snake turned its attention to Haus, who wound up being bitten three times in the front leg. The rattlesnake in question was an Eastern Diamondback, which is one of the most venomous snakes out there.

Luckily, Haus is recovering, but is still undergoing an extensive treatment at the local 24/7 veterinary hospital. The doctor's say they expect the hero dog to make a full recovery, but it will be a long road. Hopefully, he will be back in the arms of his loving new family in the next few weeks.

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Hero Dog Rescues Young Girl from Rattlesnake