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Houston's Hermann Park Trail + More Haunted Hiking Trails


The Hermann Park Trail is one of the top running trails for Houstonians. It's the perfect place to walk your dog and take a relaxing lunchtime stroll. Joggers love running between the historic live oaks in the early morning hours. The McGovern Centennial Gardens are beautiful, the Miller Outdoor Theatre is a must-see, the Bayou Parkland is full of bike trails and local plant life and, of course, there's Hermann Park Golf Course. Across its 445 acres, there's something for everyone.

The Marvin Taylor Trail was originally a carriage trail that was transformed into a running trail. It was named after Marvin Taylor, a man in the community who would gather up runners and other volunteers to show up and keep Hermann Park clean. Now the trial is a popular 2-mile trail in Hermann Park Conservancy, but it transforms into something totally different after the sun goes down. 

Houston Ghost Tour leads an after-dark tour of the grounds where you'll hear some spooky stories about the area. The park, the Museum District and even the Houston Zoo have all had mysterious unexplained deaths over the years. 

You'll learn all about the spooky experiences that have been reported at the nearby Rice University, strange sightings in the Museum of Natural Science, and even hear about what serial killer searched the park for victims. This Texas tour has been rated one of the top haunted tours in Houston for years. 


If you can't get enough haunted hikes, we've rounded up a few more spots in Texas to add to your list.

Lost Dog Trailhead in El Paso


As the story goes, a lost dog was exploring the trail and got separated from its master. The owner went out onto the path to find his dog, who passed away on the trail waiting to be discovered. Visitors have reportedly seen the ghost form of a dog walking through the trails and heard barking sounds on an empty path.

The Lighthouse Trail in Canyon



This trail in Palo Duro Canyon State Park is beautiful and full of stunning eroding rock formations. It's also a popular destination for campers. Visitors have reportedly seen the shape of a woman visiting campers or hikers late at night, but no one knows the origin of her story.

White Rock Lake in Dallas

This picturesque lake and trail in Dallas is also home to a resident ghost. According to the story, a woman and her friend were driving home and lost control of the car. Though her friend was able to escape the vehicle as it sank into the lake, the woman drowned. Now, visitors have seen a woman in white asking for a ride if you get close to where her car sank.

Shafter Lake in Andrews


In the early 1900s, a smallpox epidemic wiped out nearly the entire population of Andrews. The local legend explains that a local "witch" gave an antidote to the survivors that ended up being a poison. Residents hallucinated and ended up gouging out children's eyes. If you are up for it, people have reportedly seen the forms of eyeless children roaming the area, a reflection of the area's sinister past. 


Camp Lulu in Brownsville

Years ago, the area was a summer camp for girls. Stories have said that one counselor lost her mind and killed all of the campers. Now, hikers can hear the sounds of young girls laughing if you walk through the ruins of the camp. One hiker even claimed to enter an abandoned cabin full of dolls, and they appeared to move to different spots in the cabin when he had his back turned.

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