What Your Taste in Music Says About Your Personality

Your favorite style of music could say a lot about you as a person. Researchers have found a link between musical preferences and personalities. Psychologists at the University of Cambridge studied what your taste in music says about your personality in a recent study published in PLOS ONE.

The research reports that individuals who enjoy relaxing music like soft rock and R&B are more inclined to be in tune with the emotions of others. Listening to music, like Norah Jones for example, means you're an empathizer.

Listeners who enjoy country and singer-songwriter folk music tend to be unpretentious.

People who have more complex musical preferences, like traditional jazz, tend to focus on the minute details of everything.

Are you a fan of "intense" music like the Sex Pistols? A love of heavier rock is associated with logic-oriented "systemizers."

The research also looks at sophistication. People who are able to play, deconstruct or remember music easily are considered to be more sophisticated people. They also found a link between musical sophistication and people who are more open to new experiences.

In order to gather the research, approximately 4,000 people participated and answered detailed questions about their personalities and musical preferences.

Musical Universe has a detailed quiz that can tell you what your taste in music says about your personality. The results will tell you based on your musical preferences how agreeable, emotionally stable, extraverted, conscientious and open to new experiences you are.

You can learn more about the research results over on IFL Science.

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What Your Taste in Music Says About Your Personality