How to Make a Cheap Cut of Steak Taste Amazing [WATCH]

There’s nothing quite as tasty as a well-cooked, high-quality cut of meat.

If you’re like me, your grocery budget doesn’t accommodate the ability to purchase grade A steaks as often as you’d like. The good news is there’s now a way to get juicy and tender steaks from even the toughest cuts of meat.

This cool video from America’s Test Kitchen investigates the science behind what makes certain steaks chewier than others.

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The number of muscle fibers in your cut of meat determines just how long it takes you to chew up each bite. The more fibers in the meat, the chewier your steak is. Flank steaks contain a lot of muscle fibers; but there’s a way that you can make it a little bit easier to digest.

If you simply slice against the grain of the steak, you’ll be able to cut and shorten those fibers, which makes the steak easier to chew. In the video, the chef uses a “Texture Analyzer” to show just how big of a difference this simple trick can make. Try this one out for yourself and enjoy the happiness that comes from enjoying a great steak without paying a fortune.

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How to Make a Cheap Cut of Steak Taste Amazing [WATCH]