How Do Your State's Grilling Habits Compare to Others?

For lots of families, summer holidays like the Fourth of July and Labor Day mean a few things — fireworks, flags and, of course, firing up the barbecue grill for a backyard feast. While each state may be different in its own way, it's clear that summer holidays across the country mean hot dogs and hamburgers. So how do our grilling habits translate across the states? Walmart found out.

Walmart, using sales data from its stores across the country, recently released an infographic charting America's grilling preferences, with a few surprises.



As you can see, the majority of Americans — 39 states' worth of them — prefer burgers over hot dogs as their Independence Day griller of choice. Alaska, South Dakota, Nebraska, Michigan, Alabama, West Virginia, North Carolina, Maine, Vermont and Hawaii are the only states in which hot dogs outsold burgers.

Ketchup is the preferred condiment over mustard in all 50 states, and Texas leads the country in sales of all hot dog and hamburger buns combined. Florida takes second place.

Also according to its chart, Walmart's two best-selling sides are coleslaw and potato salad and the states seem to have their own preferences, as well.