This Family of 6 Lives Full-Time in a Tiny Camper


Traveling in a camper while on vacation is always fun, but could you live in one full-time? What about live in one full-time with five of your family members? Well, that's exactly what the Hargers do. The family of six have made a permanent home out of a 300-square-foot tiny camper, and they seem to love it.

Heather Harger of gave a tour of the RV to give people a sneak peek at how they make it work. The family has spruced it up to make it feel more like a cozy and welcoming home. You'll be shocked to see how much space and storage the RV home really has.

Besides the fact that the camper has a full kitchen, three bedrooms and two bathrooms, the Hargers have really turned it into a fun and lively place to live.

The video description explains their choice to live simply in the camper, saying, "The Harger family of six has taken huge steps to dedicate themselves to serving others across the globe."

According to the family's website, they have since moved to South Africa with a goal of helping communities in need and giving a voice to the voiceless.

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This Family of 6 Lives Full-Time in a Tiny Camper